Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eclipse Galileo is comming

For the past several years, in each June, Eclipse will Simultaneously release some projects. This year Galileo will release 33 projects on the track.

If you are used the STP project in the last release, you probably notice that the JAX-WS tool is deprecated in the Ganymede release. However the good news is there, this function will still be available in the Eclipse, it's now combined in the Eclipse Web Tool Project. for more detail you can check:

After you install the JAX-WS project from: download address may change over the time, so please always visits the to get the latest one). If you like me, the first step you may would like to create a JAX-WS project. however after you searching all the project types, there won't be a project called JAX-WS.

The following steps is how to use the JAX-WS function:

Before you start, please download the Apache CXF runtime first( to you local desk driver and unzip the file. go to your web service configuration tab and specify where the CXF runtime.

1. Create a dynamic Web Project.
2. There are two approches to use the JAX-WS Web Service, Top down with a WSDL file or bottom up with some Java codes. Let take the Top down approach here, we can either manually create the WSDL file or use the Modelling tool such as Together to generate the WSDL file.
3. From the File menu to choose the Web Service, and then select the JAX-WS Top down in the Web Service Wizard.
4. Take the following instructions, you can choose to use the CXF serverlet configration or use the Spring configration. If you are using the Spring in your project, then Spring one should be your first choice. Based on some documents, the performance of this one is much better when the application starts up.

5. If everything run successfully, you will get the generated Java class and with the web.xml configed.